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Shine Profit Co., Ltd. We are Working  The Product list was Energy Saving Lamp , Exhaust Fan ,Extension Socket ,Speaker Wire , Cat6 , Ac plug ,RG6 cable , Insect Killer, Rope Light,Vacuum Cleaner,Ac Switch,Car Inverter ,Car Charge, And TV Mounts.
Energy Saving Lamp We have Full Series Energy Saving Lamp,The Tube have T2 , T3, and T4 and Full type of Energy Saving Lamp , 2U ,3U ,4U , Spiral type , Louts ,Candle ,T2 Globe. Exhaust Fan Full Series of Exhaust Fan , We have Square Type and circle Type , Back side have Plastic and metal type let client choice.
Insect Killer Keep Insect Away From House, All of Our Products are safe and have obtained the related certificate of GS,CE,RoHS,EK, SASO,SABS,CCC, PSE,ETC. Extension Socket and Ac Plug We have ALL Kind EXtension  Socket  and Ac Plug, The Products are BRITISH standard  multi-functional Socket
RG6U and CAT6 Category 6 Lan cable , make your computer fast to internet. Coaxial cable, physical foaming coaxial cable, Catv broadband video cable,Dbs cable. Rope Light Rope light make your shop and street more Brightly. We have direct 220V LED ,No need transformer.
Vaccum Cleaner
Vacuum Cleaner steel body it was Super High Power Motor,Blower Function,Deluxe Caster Base.
Ac Switch
We have many type of Ac switch let client choice,
let your house design be come more easy.
Car Power Inverter,High conversion efficiency ,fast star; Multipe protenction circuit for low voltage,overload,
short-circuit,and over
TV Mounts
LCD Desktop Bracket LED/LCD TV/DVD Wall Mount Support System.
Make your house More space to live!

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